Health Before Fitness

Many people look for esthetic improvements while sacrificing long term health. Everything we do in our training, nutrition and mindset places the highest priority on the health of the individual. Put health first and visual improvements are sure to follow.

Bring Your Best Everyday

Effort is an ethic that carries over to all aspects of life. Working towards being able to give your best effort in the gym requires the right attitude, preparation, and execution. We all have challenges in life and if you can manage to master the skill of giving 110% consistently then you will develop a success mindset.

Train Hard But Have a Sense of Humour

Find the fun in your journey. Make it a game. Make it a joke. Make it a story. See yourself working through the flaws as a necessary step to mastery. It takes muscles to smile and laugh so make sure you give them a workout too.

Continually challenge yourself

The human machine is built for adaptation. We set the bar for what’s possible and get you out of your comfort zone physically and mentally until you become comfortable with being uncomfortable. That is the key to progressing toward your goal.

Embrace change with enthusiasm

Having a success mindset involves having a positive attitude toward change as it is the basis of all progress. It feels great to hit your goals and embracing the process allows you to break through barriers and succeed while having fun doing it.

Operate with honesty and integrity

The only approach to change is one that is results based. If you’re not getting the results that you want, then you must take an honest look at specific limiting behaviours or beliefs. Oftentimes the more honest you are, the faster you can make decisions that lead to positive action.

No excuses, just results

Not allowing yourself to make excuses puts the emphasis on taking positive action. Everyone has a particular set of unique circumstances but it’s important to focus on and take control of the things you can change. In doing so you condition your mind to achieve success in the face of adversity.